20/1 Proeverij bij WolfART

On th 20th of januari the Brouwvereniging Rotterdam organizes another beertasting. We will bring you a selection of homebrews from the last month. From very drinkable British styles such as the Mild Ale and Pale Ale and Stouts to more audacious recipes such as the gingery and fiery red Kralingse Kreng and the sweet, full and royally peated Asbaksap. Speaking of royalty, the 20th of january is also the 27th night celebration. Which is a version of the 12th night celebration that is traditionally celebrated two weeks later. During this celebration a lucky bean is hidden and the person that finds it will be crowned king/queen of the evening. The royalty receives a paper crown, a complimentary royal jug of ale and may assemble her court, including a jester. We have hidden the bean in a large chili sin carne so you won’t go hungry while you try to find it. The image for the event is a late 16th century artist impression of the aforementioned. What that artist did forget to picture is that traditionally Dancehall Washington accompanies the whole evening with music.

See you on the 20th!